Andromeda Power’s Integrated Powertrain System adds on-board Extreme Fast Charging capability to any Electric Vehicle



May 16, 2022.

The Andromeda Power project Integrated Powertrain System ($4.7M) is awarded by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

The Integrated Powertrain System can charge, and discharge, EV batteries ultra-fast through the AC EVSE from/to the AC Power Grid (or Building Microgrid). Thus, with an on board Integrated Powertrain System, there is no need for the off board DC EVSE.

Integrated Power System Architecture

Integrated Power System Architecture

The Integrated Powertrain System makes the off board DC EVSE obsolete, creating a solution for extreme fast charging/discharging directly from/to the AC Power Grid.

The Integrated Powertrain System is integrated into the EV, adding to the traditional traction functionality the new extremely fast charging and discharging capability of the battery, integrating the EV with the (micro-)grid for DR and DER.

The Integrated Powertrain System does not add weight and size to the EV. The competitive advantage of the proposed technology is the use of the components of the propulsion system already on board the EVs for bidirectional ultra-fast charging and discharging.

The lasting impacts and benefits of the Integrated Powertrain System are:

  • Smart mobility as a practical opportunity for everyone
  • Dramatic reduction of infrastructure complexity, weight and cost
  • Multiple standard interoperability, reduction of charge time and range anxiety
  • New approach of using EVs as energy storage, for example in case of emergency events

Integrated Powertrain System – Andromeda Power Press Release