San DiegoGas and Electric Company (SDG&E) 7th Annual Energy Showcase – ORCA Charger Demonstration


Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet owners, roadside assistance companies, and service station providers will now have access to a competitive EV charging solution. The suite of chargers leverages advanced microwave technology to deliver a reliable and compact solution at a very competitive price point.

Andromeda Power introduces the ORCA EV product line of DC Fast Level III Chargers. These are capable of fully charging most vehicles in 30 minutes or less. There are three models of the ORCA line: the ORCA Air for service station markets, ORCA Rescue for roadside assistance markets, and the ORCA Mobile for industrial and portable applications.

The ORCA line offers several competitive advantages over other fast chargers available on the market. One manufacturing advantage is that each model uses the same Common Charging Core – the ORCA C 3 (patent pending). The core system delivers up to 50KW of power to EVs.

It weighs only 155 lbs, and is less than 18” x 12” x 26”. This is much smaller than most DC Fast chargers currently available on the market today. Model variations are essentially just different packaging choices. As an agile manufacturer of EV chargers, the ORCA C 3 enables Andromeda Power to quickly repackage each charger to suit the needs of any customer.

Another feature unique to the ORCA C 3 is that it can be powered by many sources: 208V, 400V, 480V, AC, DC, gas or diesel generators, or the electric grid. The ORCA C 3 is also CHAdeMO v1.0 compliant. Images of the ORCA Rescue and ORCA Mobile are shown below.

The ORCA EV line of chargers is assembled and serviced in the United States by a major Southern California electrical company. Production is expected to begin in March 2012.