news-dec-2014Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet owners, roadside assistance companies, and service station providers will now have access to a competitive EV charging solution. The suite of chargers leverages advanced microwave technology to deliver a reliable and compact solution at a very competitive price point.

Andromeda Power introduces ORCA Inceptive the only CHAdeMO jumpstart for EVs.

ORCA Inceptive is an on-board fast-charging station, designed in Italy and fully manufactured in the USA. This on-board charger is provided with two CHAdeMO plugs and it is capable to transfer energy between the batteries of two

ORCA Inceptive is for the roadside assistance markets as well autonomous zero setup time fast charging stations useful for events. It also allows temporary rental solutions for retail shops wishing to avoid the expensive cost of fix installations.

news-dec2014-3ORCA Inceptive is a “DC Level 3 Charger” for CHAdeMO equipped Electrical Vehicles (EV), that delivers up to 50 kWatts output power. Its compact form factor (34″ x 13″ x 22″) enables it to be easily installed in the trunk of an EV (shown in the trunk of a Nissan Leaf).news-dec2014-5

news-dec2014-4At maximum performance the ORCA Inceptive recharges the battery of a Stranded EV in 5 minutes delivering 5 kWh energy (equivalent to 20 miles range). In addition to the Rescue EV battery, ORCA Inceptive may be powered from: 208V, 400V, 480V, AC, DC, gas or diesel generators, or the electric grid. Production is expected to begin in November 2013.